Sakura breathes out. Well! That was … That was interesting. She scrolls through the results on her phone. She got answers, that’s for sure. Now it’s just … choosing who to go to, and keep talking to them. That’s easy enough. Just type some buttons, make a few words, then meet or talk or something of the sort. Easy.

It’s been well over an hour she’s been staring at the phone, frozen to the spot.

Why is it so hard to choose? She can just, type, and, send. Typ’n’send. Typen. Could talk to Sai? …But would he even know what to say? Be able to talk? Be reliable?

She could ask Daine… Though, the mere thought makes her cringe in quiet fear. Nnno, maybe … maybe not this time. Maybe not. Eventually. Maybe.

Miriam? …Would she even believe her? Know what to say? There’s the safety of talking to an absolute stranger but— no, she seemed so uncomfortable with things of a sexual nature… And if she’s the one to be talking without restraint, there’s going to be plenty of that. She sighs.

There’s Honey… So young, so new to the weirdness of the world. She’s proven decently street-smart but, again, there’s still inexperience on her side. Maybe. Maybe not.

And of course, Ink. She’s been to Ink many times before. Maybe too many times. She frowns, she ought to be able to find someone… Finding someone else would be an improvement, right? Opening up, making friends, learning trust and so on so forth. Can’t rely on the old Doctor all the time now, can she?

It’s at this point she can only whine, and hang her head. Her forehead thumps against the phone’s cover. So close. SO CLOSE! She’s gone farther than ever before, having actually reached out for once, and yet… “I’m a goddamn coward.” She mutters.

Maybe waiting another hour will bring inspiration.

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